Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Google Earth bring me 'jalan raya'...:)

Last ‘raya’ I and my family want go to my cousin house.  But we don’t know how to go to my cousin house.  We are lucky because Google Earth was helped me to found way.  So, today I want share about Google Earth.  It released as Google Earth in 2005, is currently available for use on personal computers running windows 2000 and above, Mac Os X 10.3.9 and above.  Google Earth is also available as a browser plug-in which was released on May 28, 2008. It was also made available for mobile viewers on the iPhone OS on October 28, 2008, as a free download from the App Store and is available to Android users as a free application on the Android Market.  When Google Earth application has in phone, it make easier to found way or destination that we want to go.  Furthermore, Google Earth has provided 3D maps.  We also plan a vacation where we want go to holiday if we used Google Earth.  If you upgrade to Google Earth Plus or Google Earth Pro, you will find even more useful information and tools when installing these programs. With Google Earth Plus, you can get support for your GPS device. On Google Earth Pro, you can make spreadsheets and presentations from the information provided by the site.  If you use spreadsheets you will find subject that you search easily.  I think the advantage of using Google Earth is we also can avoid from accident.  Accident was happen when we lost way.  If we used Google Earth we can avoid from lost way.  Lastly, I think we can save time if we use Google Earth.  Our journey will arrive on the time.

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